About Think BRG Retail

BRG’s Retail and Consumer practice provides extensive industry expertise combined with data-driven, objective, and innovative approaches to the most complex retail challenges. Our significant experience working with companies at critical inflection points in their lifecycles has informed our approach and instilled a sense of urgency in solving problems.

Our retail experts bring a hands-on approach to retail business improvement, highlighted by:

  • Highly Experienced Senior Teams: Our seasoned professionals collaborate efficiently with management to identify necessary business needs and manage difficult situations.
  • Specialized Industry Knowledge: Our experts have a deep knowledge of the retail and consumer products landscape, with a detailed understanding of managing the inner workings of a business and relevant key performance indicators.
  • Broad Range of Comprehensive Solution Offerings: We bring a wide array of skillsets to identify challenges quickly and offer solutions to drive sales and profitability, reduce costs, and improve planning and forecasting.
  • Objectivity: Our experts are independent drivers of quick results. We understand that time is of the essence. In critical situations, we work with your teams and leverage available data to provide actionable solutions.

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